The Definitive To-Do List To Become A Writer

And the most important question that you must answer.

Matt McDonough
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There are important questions that you must answer on your journey to writing online. Crucially, does the chicken come before the egg? Does a writer need a niche before they start writing? Or should you just go for it with reckless abandon?

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What Is Step 1?

So, you want to build a writing side hustle? CONGRATULATIONS, step 1 is already complete!!

Getting the itch to write is the first step to becoming a full-time or side hustle writer. We all know that step 1 is often the hardest to complete, so congratulations if you have made it this far!

However, step 2 may not be as clear. Getting from what you want to do, to how to do it is a complicated next step. But there is a clear split in the road for anyone hoping to make money writing.

The Question You “Must” Answer

What do you want to write about?

Of course, you must have this answered before you start writing … every post is a chance to build your brand and engage with your audience … right?

That sounds great to read, but it contains incredibly faulty assumptions:

· How do you know what you want to write before you commit time to the craft?

· How do you know what your hypothetical audience wants to read before you engage them?

What You Should Do In Stead

Rather than make assumptions about what you and your future readers want, take the time to figure it out.

For step 2 on your journey to a writing side hustle or career, rather than reflecting on your direction, focus on what you really want to do … WRITE.

After you spend some quality time writing, then you can begin to pivot by reflecting and refining your craft into a well-oiled, niche-driven machine

How Do You Pivot On The Fly?

You need one incredibly valuable tool to find your direction as a writer: DATA … and lots of it.



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