Breaking Down a Complex Financial Life

Djalma Paiva Armelin via Pexels

Avoid Overload and Get Started

There is so much personal finance knowledge to take in. It is overwhelming to attempt to learn everything at once.

Learning the Essentials

Learning the essentials to personal finance is similar to learning the fundamentals of any skill. You learn how to walk before you learn to run, do the same with personal finances.

Move on to Complicated Topics

Personal finance topics become incredibly complicated incredibly quickly. There is no quick shortcut to mastering these topics.

Focusing on Other Non-Essentials

You are not done learning once you master the basics and interesting non-essential personal financial topics.

Key to Overcoming Complexity

The key to managing a complex personal financial lifestyle is getting started. You cannot master every area of personal finance until you start your personal financial journey.



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Matt McDonough

Matt McDonough


Hello! I am a CPA by day, writer by night, and adventurer on the weekends. I’m on the lookout for fun ideas to read, please send anything interesting my way!